The Academy of Seiko-Kai Karate sets the standards for learning Traditional and Olympic Competition Karate in North Canterbury. The style we teach is Suzuki-ha Shito-ryu Seiko-kai as prescribed by the founder of the style Kenwa Mabuni  Sensei. We maintain a close and direct link with Japan under the guidance of Seiko Suzuki Sensei and all our instructors travel to Japan on a regular basis as well as invite seniors of the style to NZ to ensure that what we teach is true to the style.

Our classes promote more than just a martial art. Indeed they offer each individual the opportunity to partake in a structured programme guaranteed to awaken the hidden potentials of the student. Our philosophy in teaching is based upon old fashioned principles and etiquette whilst encompassing the very latest in Sports Science techniques and training regimes.

Our instructors are all experienced, fully qualified, insured, police checked, first aid trained, child welfare certified and are registered with ‘Karate New Zealand’ (the official governing body for Karate in NZ).

Whether it is keep fit, learn self-defence, lose weight, gain confidence, discipline or self-motivation, TASK is here to help. 

Our fully kitted Dojo offers a dedicated venue for Karate and traditional martial arts training. With classes ranging from our 'Little Dragons Club', ladies only self-defense, mixed and elite Karate classes and we also have classes offering Modern Arnis - Filipino stick fighting (none Karate related) so there is something for everyone.